What Is the Longest River in Africa?

longest-river-africa Credit: dorothy/CC-BY 2.0

The longest river in Africa, and in the world, is the Nile River. It measures 4,184 miles in length. The river starts in Burundi of Central Africa, and it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Nile River flows through nine countries, including Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Zaire, Tanzania, Sudan and Egypt. The name Nile River originates from the Greek word "Neilos," which means "valley." Ancient Egyptians named the river "Ar," meaning "black," based on the black sediment the river leaves behind when it floods Egypt. The Nile Crocodiles in the Nile River can grow up to approximately 13 feet in length. Their nests are located on the banks of the Nile where the females lay up to 60 eggs at once.