How Long Is Australia's Longest River?

long-australia-s-longest-river Credit: Images

The River Murray is the longest river in Australia, with a total approximate length of 1,558 miles. This measurement makes the River Murray the longest single river in Australia, not counting tributaries.

When the primary tributaries are considered, including the Darling River, Culgoa, Balonne and Condamine, the river's total length becomes 1,703 miles, making it the longest waterway in Australia.

The River Murray's total length is measured from its source in the Upper Murray through the Kosciuszko National Park. Its length makes this Australian river the third longest navigable river on a global level, behind the Amazon and the Nile. The River Murray winds through three states: Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. There are four major dams along its length, with 16 storage wiers and 15 navigable locks.

The Murray River starts as a small stream in the Australian Alps. It winds through steep river banks into Mallee, at which point it makes contact with the desert. This river was used as a water highway for at least half a century, starting in the early 1850s. The biggest canoe race in the world is held annually on this river. The Murray River is home to large redgum forests and ibis rookery along its banks.