How Do You Find a Location for U.S. Passport Services?


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Exact locations for U.S. Passport services may be found at the U.S. Department of State's Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page, at IAFDB.travel.state.gov. You may search using a ZIP code or a city and state. Depending on your selection, the website will pull up the closest facilities or all facilities within a designated area. Your results may include post offices, court houses, public libraries or other government offices that deal with passport issues on behalf of the Federal Government.

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How Do You Find a Location for U.S. Passport Services?
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For example, if you wanted the closest facility to San Leandro, California, you would input the ZIP code 94579. Select if you need someplace with handicap access and/or that offers photo services on site or has a photo shop nearby. In this case, the search results come up with only one location in San Leandro, the post office, and with several options in surrounding areas, along with driving distance to each locale.

By clicking on a result, such as the San Leandro Post Office, you find the address, phone number and operating hours listed. The results also show if the post office has photo services and if there is handicap access. To look at other results for the same area or to do a new search, click the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.

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