How Do You Locate Washington State on a Map?


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When looking at a standard map of the United States of America, the state of Washington lies at the north-westernmost point of the continental United States. The state of Washington and Washington, D.C., which is located in the mid-Atlantic between Maryland and Virginia, are two separate geographical locations.

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Washington is the 18th largest state in the United States at 71,362 square miles. Its capital is Olympia, and its largest city is Seattle. The population of the state is 7,061,530, making it the 13th most populated in the nation, as of 2014. About 60 percent of Seattle's population lives in the Seattle metro area. It received its statehood on Nov. 11, 1889, becoming the 42nd state to do so.

The west coast of Washington touches the Pacific Ocean. On the south, it borders the state of Oregon, and on the east, it shares a border with the state of Idaho. To the north, Washington borders the Canadian province of British Columbia. The northwestern part of the state is close to Vancouver Island, which is part of the Vancouver metropolitan area.

Due to its location in the Pacific Northwest, Washington experiences moderate temperatures and heavy rainfall year round. Much of the state consists of forests and mountain ranges.

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