How Do You Locate a Payphone?


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To locate a payphone, refer to an Internet directory, such as Pay Phone Directory or Payphone Project. Enter the state and city where you want to find a payphone, and follow further instructions on the website. However, remember that data on the website might be somewhat outdated, and the payphone may not still be in the location stated on the Internet.

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You can also try to find payphones by looking for them in popular locations, such as shopping malls, transit stops, public buildings and restaurants. Payphones in malls are usually located next to the entrances and the customer service kiosk. You can expect to find them in a good condition; however, keep an eye on the mall's business hours. There is a good chance to find a payphone in a police station or a courthouse, but there might be large lines to use the payphone.

Locations that have a lot of tourists around are also likely to have payphones in them. Such places include museums, art galleries, tourist information centers, transit stations and libraries. You can also try checking restaurants, gas stations and stores, as there may be payphones outside of such places or even inside. Don't be afraid to go in and ask if there is a phone you can use.

If you are in a small town, try asking people where you can find a payphone. Older residents are more likely to know several places than younger ones are.

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