How Do You Locate a Lost Sewer?


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One of the ways to locate a lost sewer is by checking with the municipality's local zoning office. Some cities and counties also provide online maps that show the locations of the sewers and water service areas in a neighborhood.

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The local zoning or building departments of most municipalities may provide the locations of sewers over the phone. If the information cannot be disclosed over the phone, or if you want to check the actual map, a trip to the department and a request for a sewer system map for a specific address or neighborhood can help locate a lost underground facility.

For example, San Angelo City in Texas provides a public map viewer that allows online users to check the city's particular areas, such as streets, railroads, public parks and water/sewer lines. The static maps may be viewed online, downloaded and printed on a local printer.

The state of New Jersey offers a graphical representation of the sewer service area within the state. The file may be downloaded and viewed using a free geographic information systems viewer from ESRI called the ArcGIS Explorer. The official website of the state of New Jersey provides sample image data, metadata and downloadable zip files for all of its digital data downloads on the GIS section of the site.

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