How Do You Locate a ConocoPhillips Station?

How Do You Locate a ConocoPhillips Station?

Customers can locate a gas station owned by ConocoPhillips by going to the Conoco website and entering the required information in the gas station locator. ConocoPhillips owns both the Conoco brand and Phillips 66 brand gas stations. The stations are located throughout the United States.

The following steps should be used to locate a Conoco or Phillips 66 gas station:

  1. Choose the website
  2. Choose either the Conoco or Phillips 66 brand website to conduct the search. Both websites will return a list of all ConocoPhillips gas stations.

  3. Click on the "Find a station" link
  4. Click on the appropriate link to search for locations. On the Conoco site, it is "Find a Conoco station." Then, click on "Find a station" to bring up the form.

  5. Complete the required information
  6. Enter the information needed to conduct the search. customers can choose to search by city and state, ZIP code or specific address.

  7. Choose filters
  8. Choose the maximum number of miles in which the gas stations can be located. As of 2015, the available options are 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles. Check the box to list only Kickback points stations.

  9. Display the locations
  10. Click on "find" to view available locations on the map provided. Click on a specific location on the map to view the address and directions for the station.