How Do You Locate Airline Flight Departures?

Travelers who want to track flight departures can use websites such as FlightStats, FlightView, or FlightArrivals. Visitors to the websites can search for flight information using several different parameters.

Knowing when a flight is leaving helps travelers plan when they need to arrive at the airport, either to catch a departing flight, or meet an arriving one. Several websites offer real time flight information, so travelers can determine if a flight is on time, delayed or canceled. Depending on the website, users need specific information, such as a flight number, the particular airline or the airports involved in the flight.

FlightStats allows visitors to search for departing flights by airline, flight or route. After a visitor enters the requested information, the flight information, such as whether the flight is on time or delayed, is displayed, as well as the departure and arrival locations.

FlightView also allows visitors to search for departing and arriving flights by either flight or by route. For additional convenience, it also has an available app for Android and iPhones.

FlightArrivals allows visitors to search for flights via airline, flight number or airport. Users can also access seating charts, airplane information and any images that are available.