How Do You Get Local School Bus Cancellation Information?


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To find out whether your local school has cancelled buses for the day, check your school district's webpage or official social media presence for information, and monitor local radio and TV news. Different U.S. school districts alert bus riders of cancellations in different ways, with methods ranging from radio broadcasts to dedicated Twitter feeds or direct text message alerts.

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School bus cancellation is typically due to inclement weather and takes place on days when the schools themselves are closed due to snow or other hazards. Districts announce any cancellations for the day before a set time, usually early in the morning, so that parents and guardians can adequately prepare for the day ahead. Specific cut-off times for announcements vary by district, depending on class start times, with some regions declaring any official bus cancellation decisions by 6 a.m., while others may wait until as late as 8 a.m.

Large school districts with frequent weather cancellations are the most likely to have sophisticated alert systems incorporating elements such as automated phone calls and text messages sent to parents and caregivers in case of transportation stoppage. Some, but not all, U.S. school districts make use of Cancellations.Com, a free website that aggregates cancellation data by ZIP code.

The best way to find out which communications method a local school uses in case of bus status changes is via the school's own official website, which should either have a transportation page or contact information for the staff member responsible for bus decisions.

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