How Do You Find a Local Corn Maze?


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To find a local farm or attraction that offers a corn maze, search a general online directory such as Corn Mazes America or a local website such as CBS Local Boston. Corn mazes are typically offered as a family activity during the autumn season.

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How Do You Find a Local Corn Maze?
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A corn maze is a life-size maze that has been cut in a cornfield. Visitors walk through the maze and may need to find a series of checkpoints. Corn mazes last until the plants have dried out or have been harvested.

To find a local corn maze, use the following steps:

  1. Go to the corn maze directory
  2. Go to a corn maze directory website such as Corn Mazes America. Click on Find a Maze to Visit to start the search.

  3. Enter the parameters
  4. Enter the desired parameters to filter the directory. Options can include state, nearby area and exact location. Visitors can also limit the search to a specific distance, such as 10 miles.

  5. Display the list of local corn mazes
  6. The local corn mazes will appear on a map. Click on a specific corn maze for more information, such as name, address, phone number and website. Visitors should contact the corn maze to confirm that the maze is open before arrival.

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