How Do You Find a Local CNG Refuelling Station?


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To find a local CNG refuelling station, visit AFDC.Energy.gov, click Locate Stations, enter an address, ZIP code or state in the Find Stations search box under Alternative Fueling Station Locator, and check Compressed Natural Gas in the drop-down menu under All Fuels. Click Go to view the nearest CNG stations along with links to a mobile version of the site and to an app for iPhones. CNG Now offers a CNG Fuel Finder app for Android operating systems and iPhones.

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The U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center's CNG station locator lists the names, addresses and contact details for each CNG station and shows its location on an interactive Google Map. The site recommends checking whether a station is open and has the fuel available for public purchase before committing to a visit. The site also offers a trip planner on its Locate Stations page. Enter departure and destination addresses, and check Compressed Natural Gas in the drop-down menu to view a map that highlights the trip and shows the locations of all CNG stations along the route.

CNG is a clean-burning domestically-produced gas that is compressed for use in vehicles that are specially manufactured or converted to run on the fuel. The overall performance of vehicles that run on natural gas is similar to that of vehicles that run on gas or diesel, but the driving range tends to be lower.

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