How Do You Find Local Bus Schedules?


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You can find local bus schedules on the websites of many bus services within cities and regions, such as the websites of the Middletown Area Transit, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and Lynx. Some websites have drop-down menus for locating route schedules, whereas others post links for those schedules.

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The Middletown Area Transit posts its schedules and routes under the headings of Monday - Friday Routes, Monday - Saturday P.M. Routes, Monday - Saturday M-Link Routes (Middletown/Meriden), and Saturday-Only Routes. Schedule links under the first heading include Route A - Saybrook Road, Route B - Wesleyan Hills, and Route C - Washington Street. By clicking on the links, you can view both route stops and the times of stops during both the A.M. and P.M. windows.

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority has a three-part drop-down menu that enables you to search for routes and times by route number, route name and region. Once you choose a route, the website then provides a link for that route's schedule.

Lynx posts routes and schedules for areas such as downtown Orlando, Lake Richmond and Lake Mary. Click on the link corresponding to your area for a list of route stops and times.

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