What Is Living in Seattle, Wash., Like?


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Many residents consider living in Seattle, Wash., to be fun, exciting, educational, interesting and unique. There are a wide range of events and activities going on in Seattle on a daily basis that help to enhance residents' lives.

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A visit to Pike Place Market allows locals to enjoy some of the best sights and sounds Seattle has to offer. Fish fly across the market from the hands of local fishermen selling the local catch of the day, and customers can hold fry over the edge of the pier to have seagulls swoop down to grab them. The pier is also filled with small shops where sellers offer unique items that cannot be found anywhere else.

The local Science Fiction Museum allows guests to learn about science in a fun and interesting way, and the Pacific Science Center compliments it with unique exhibits that provide the opportunity to learn science principles using a hands-on approach. The exhibits change regularly so residents can return to the museum on a regular basis to learn new things.

Locals can also visit the Woodland Park Zoo to see a plethora of beautiful animals. In particular, nearby visitors are more likely to enjoy the zoo in a unique way during the cooler winter months when a spectacular holiday light extravaganza is presented there. Lights decorate every inch of the zoo, letting guests see the animals and experience a great light display at the same time.

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