What Is a List of Plants Native to Texas?


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Carolina jasmine, Indian blanket and horse mint are a few native plants of Texas. The pecan tree is considered the official tree of Texas, and the Bluebonnet is the official flower of the state. Various shrubs are native to Texas, including the Blackbrush acacia, the desert willow and the scarlet buckeye.

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The eastern purple cornflower is a plant with lavender petals and is adapted to survive drought conditions. The autumn sage is another drought-resistant native with red petals and small, green leaves. The Texas olive is another native tree that produces white flowers. The black-eyed Susan has yellow flowers with a black center. The southern wax myrtle is another native Texas shrub that is known for its olive green appearance and spicy aroma. The pride of Houston yaupon holly produces red berries for wildlife, and it is a suitable choice for holiday decoration. Inland sea oats produce bluish-green bamboo leaves and have a brown color throughout winter.

Texas Almanac mentions the original grass vegetation in the Blackland Prairies of Texas, including indiangrass, switchgrass, buffalograss and tall dropseed. Dominant grasses in the south Texas plains are bristlegrass, big sandbur, gramas and silver bluestem. In the Piney Woods of Texas, these woodlands are interspersed with native and improved grasslands. Animals graze on rossettegrass, paspalums, panicums and purpletop.

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