What Is a List of Missouri Landforms?

Missouri can be separated into four landforms: the Osage Plains, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, the Dissected Till Plains and the Ozark Plateau. The Osage Plains are in the western portion of the state, the Ozark Plateau is to the south, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain is to the east and the Dissected Till Plains are to the north.

The Osage Plain is a triangular-shaped region that forms part of the Great Plains of the West. It features hills and rolling prairies.

The Mississippi Alluvial Plain, also known as the Mississippi Delta, includes the "Boot Heel" of Missouri and extends into Arkansas. This landform features rich topsoil that enables growth of a variety of crops.

The Dissected Till Plains were created by the melting of glaciers. The till left behind is a rich agricultural source.

The Ozark Plateau is Missouri's largest landform. It contains the St. Francois Mountains as well as streams, hills and valleys.