What Is a List of Common Street and City Names in the USA?

The top five most common street names in the United States are Second, Third, First, Fourth and Park. The top five most common city and town names in the United States are Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, Clinton and Springfield. Street names usually derive from numbers, nature, directions or historical figures. City names also derive often from historical figures or foreign place names.

Second and Third are more common street names than First because some cities use Main, which is the seventh most common U.S. street name, in lieu of First. Other numbered streets include Fifth in the sixth position on the list, Sixth on the eighth position on the list and Seventh on the tenth position on the list. Besides Park, other nature-related street names include Oak in ninth place and Pine in eleventh place.

The four most common city and town names in the U.S. are the surnames of famous figures in American history. Other common city and town names of this origin include Madison in sixth place, Monroe in seventh place and Jackson in a tie for tenth place. Because of the British migration during the early years of the United States' history, several common city names are historical place names from the United Kingdom. Examples of this include Springfield, Clayton in ninth place and Oxford and Manchester, which are tied for tenth place.