When Was the Lincoln Tunnel Built?


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The first tube of the Lincoln Tunnel opened December 22, 1937. The north tube opened February 1, 1945, and the south tube opened May 25, 1957.

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The Lincoln Tunnel was a great feat for engineers during the early to mid-1900s. Since two crews worked simultaneously, the New York crew working from the north and the New Jersey crew working from the south, it took great care to measure and construct the tunnel properly so that both crews met up at the correct spot, lining up the tunnel perfectly. The first time that the crew was able to traverse the tunnel from New York to New Jersey was August 3, 1935, when a crew member on the New Jersey team was pushed through the remaining opening to meet the New York crew.

Through the decades, improvements have been added to the Lincoln Tunnel over time, such as the introduction of the electronic toll collection system, E-ZPass, which was introduced in 1997. Also, additional lines and tubes for buses and other organized transit have been opened to facilitate the growing number of passengers and overall increased traffic flow due to everyday commuters traveling back and forth between to two states. The Exclusive Bus Lane (XBL), which opened December 18, 1970, currently carries more than 62,000 passengers to Manhattan each weekday morning.

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