What Is the Layout of Penn Station?

The layout of Penn Station consists of three levels: a street level, upper level and lower level. The layout also features train tracks and platforms, luggage storage areas, shops and restaurants. The street level has the main entrances to Penn Station, including the 34th Street Long Island Rail Road entrance near 7th Avenue, the 7th Avenue LIRR and New Jersey Transit entrances at 31st and 32nd Streets, and the 8th Avenue Amtrak entrances at 31st and 33rd Streets.

The upper level of Penn Station is the location for Amtrak and New Jersey Transit train service. The 8th Avenue side of the building houses the Amtrak platforms, while the 7th Avenue side of the building holds the NJ Transit terminal. The lower level is the location of the LIRR platforms,and features several concourses: the West End Concourse, the Exit Concourse, the Central Concourse, the Hilton Corridor and the Connecting Concourse. From here, connection is possible to the New York City Subway lines A, C and E, and 1, 2 and 3.

Elevators provide street-level and station access to the Penn Station facility at the 34th Street and 7th Avenue main entrances. Penn Station is home to a number of food and drink vendors, as well as shopping and service providers.