What Are Latin America's Physical Features?

Latin America's major physical features include the Andes Mountains, Amazon River, Amazon Basin, Patagonia and the Pampas grasslands. As of 2015, Latin America is home to 20 independent states and four dependencies. Some of these countries include Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Venezuela.

Latin America is a sub-region of the Americas that encompasses the entire South American continent, Caribbean Islands and Mexico. South America contains the Andes Mountains, which is the world's longest mountain range. This massive system forms the continent's western section and it extends from the southernmost extremity to the northernmost shoreline of the region.

The Amazon River, also in South America, is one of the most significant rivers on Earth. This river empties the world's largest watershed, the Amazon Basin. The Amazon rain forest is an eco-region that houses a rich diversity of flora and fauna.