What Are a Few of the Largest Midwest States?


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The five largest Midwest states are Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. These states encompass a total area of 96,714 sq. mi., 86,936 sq. mi., 82,278 sq. mi., 77,348 sq. mi. and 77,116 sq. mi., respectively, based on the 2010 United States census.

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The Midwest lies in the north-central portion of the United States and contains 12 states, including Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. Michigan is the largest in terms of area, while Indiana is the smallest-sized.

Other Midwest states that cover at least 60,000 sq. mi. of territory are North Dakota, Missouri and Wisconsin at 70,698, 69,707 and 65,496 sq. mi., respectively.

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