What Are Some of the Largest Countries in Asia?


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As of 2015, the three largest countries in Asia, in terms of land area, are Russia, the People's Republic of China and India. Ranking fourth behind these world powers is Kazakhstan.

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Russia is, as of 2015, the largest country on Earth. Russia is so large that it spans both Asia and Europe and takes up 40 percent of Europe's entire land area. China is just over half the size of Russia and ranks as the largest country entirely in Asia. Although it is smaller than Russia in terms of sheer area, it outranks it in terms of population: It is the most populous country on Earth.

India is the second most populous country on Earth, and it is the third-largest Asian country in terms of area, as of 2015. It is about a third of the size of China but contains almost as many people. Kazakhstan is the fourth-largest Asian country and is comparable in area to India, but it is much less populous. Whereas India contains 1.2 billion people, Kazakhstan contains 16 million. Although it is dwarfed by its neighbors China and Russia, Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country on Earth.

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