What Is the Largest City in Europe?

largest-city-europe Credit: vladimir zakharov/Moment/Getty Images

The largest city in Europe is the Russian city of Moscow, or Moskva, with a population of 8,297,000 as of 2014. If Turkey, which bridges Europe and Asia, is counted as part of Europe, then the largest city becomes Istanbul, which has a population of more than 12 million.

Using only urban areas with defined boundaries and their own local governments, the remaining top five largest cities in Europe after Moscow are:

  1. London (United Kingdom) - 7,074,000
  2. St. Petersburg (Russia) - 4,678,000
  3. Berlin (Germany) - 3,387,000
  4. Madrid (Spain) - 2,824,000

These figures do not take into account suburban areas that fall outside defined urban boundaries. If those suburban areas are taken into account, then Moscow remains the largest, followed by Paris and Istanbul.