What Does a Large Map of Texas Show?

large-map-texas-show Credit: Ismail Akin Bostanci/E+/Getty Images

Depending on the type of Texas map, it can show counties, highways, roads, cities, elevation and physical features, such as rivers and mountains. Two sites that provide these different types of Texas maps are Maps of World and Geology. The website Maps of World has a large map of Texas that show its major cities, different types of highways, roads, railway lines and state boundaries.

The Geology website has various interactive maps of counties, physical features, rivers and topographical information. The county map of Texas shows all county boundaries and the names of each county and its seats. A satellite map is also made available on this site. On the elevation map, there are different colors that correspond to the different elevations, which range from 0 to 9,000 feet. The highest point in Texas is Guadalupe Peak, with a height of 8,749 feet. Similarly, the river map also show lakes and streams. Some rivers are the Brazos, Rio Grande, Red and Pecos rivers.

For educational purposes, the University of Texas at Austin website offers an extensive list of topographic maps for the entire state. This website also provides historical topographic maps published before 1923. For detailed maps of different Texas locations, an alphabetical list by geographic name is provided.