How Do You Find a Large Map of Haiti?


Several online retailers offer large maps of Haiti including and The price depends upon the size of the map and the finishing options a customer chooses. The sizes range from 32 inches by 48 inches up to 96 inches by 144 inches.

Several types of maps are available including physical, political and road with several finishing options including laminated, wooden rails, mounted and magnetic maps. can also frame the map, mount it on spring rollers or make it into a sticker that adheres to the wall. Price varies according to the options selected.

All the maps offered by both sites are in color. Earthquake maps, showing the epicenter of the 2011 Haitian earthquake, are also available. Most of the maps on these sites include cities, rivers, airports, lakes and major roads, although the roads may not be numbered. charges shipping. offers free shipping, but expedited shipping is offered for an additional cost. Shipping times vary as the map may take some time to print before it is shipped from the retailer.

Haiti occupies one side of Hispaniola, a large island in the Caribbean, while the Dominican Republic occupies the other. Some maps of Haiti include both countries.