What Are Some of the Large Lakes and Rivers in Wisconsin?


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Lake Winnebago, Chippewa Flowage and Wisconsin River are some of the large lakes and rivers in the state of Wisconsin. Unlike Lake Superior and Lake Michigan that border the state, these are large inland bodies of water and make up hundreds of thousands of acres combined.

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Located just above Fond du Lac in Calumet County, Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin's largest lake, with a total of 137,708 acres or an area of approximately 30 by 10 miles. Its two primary tributary rivers, the Fox and Wolf rivers, feed the lake from waters coming from two other large bodies of water that are parts of the Fox-Wisconsin Waterway. Its 88 miles of shoreline serves as campgrounds for campers year-round.

Chippewa Flowage is a 15,300-acre reservoir originally created for flood control and power generation in the area. It is the third-largest inland body of water in the state and is regionally popular as a fishing spot. The local topography of the flowage made up of hills, streams, valleys and forest provides opportunities for camping, exploring and viewing of wildlife living in and around the area.

The Wisconsin River is the largest river in Wisconsin and one of the tributaries of the Mississippi River. It is approximately 430 miles long and extends until Prairie du Chien where it joins the Mississippi. The Lower Wisconsin River State Riverway protects the lower part of the Wisconsin River from any dams or manmade obstructions, allowing a wide variety of wildlife to flourish along the free-flowing river.

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