What Landform Separates Europe From Asia?

The landform that separates Europe from Asia is the Ural Mountain range, or Ural Mountains. The Ural Mountains are also referred to as the "Uralskie Mountains," "Uralsky Khrebet," "Uralskie Gory," "Stone Belt," "The Urals" or simply "Ural."

The Urals are a series of mountains that stretch from Russia to Kazakhstan for approximately 1,500 miles. The Ural Mountains are partitioned into five physiographical divisions, which include the Northern, Southern, Lower Central or Middle, Polar and the Nether-Polar or Pre-Polar regions. Although widely accepted by geographers as the traditional demarcation line between Russia and Asia, the Urals are not considered to be natural barriers between the two continents. The mountain range did not dissuade the Mongol Empire from attacking Russia in the 13th century.