What Is the Land of the Midnight Sun?

The “Land of the Midnight Sun” is a description that can used to refer to any geographic region that experiences continuous sunlight for several months during the summer due to its location within the Arctic Circle. Parts of Alaska, Norway, Sweden and Finland are all known as Lands of the Midnight Sun.

In the northern hemisphere of the Earth, the North Pole faces toward the sun during the summer months. This is what causes warmer temperatures and longer days for much of the planet. In areas that are located in extremely northern geographic areas, this creates a phenomenon known as the midnight sun. According to data provided by the nation of Finland, 66 percent of the world’s population within the realm of the midnight sun resides in Finland, particularly in its northern Laplands.

As much as the populations of nations affected by the midnight sun purport to enjoy the continuous light after very long, cold winters, heavy blinds and curtains are essential to sleeping during the 2 1/2 month period of the midnight sun. In the northern hemisphere, the midnight sun usually begins in late March and lasts until late September, while the southern hemisphere’s midnight sun begins in late September and ends in mid to late March when the same effect occurs within the Antarctic circle. Antarctica and a few islands that are territories of New Zealand are the only places that fall in this geographic realm.