Where Is Lake Victoria Located?

lake-victoria-located Credit: Arnold Media/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Lake Victoria is located in Africa, centered along the eastern border of the continent. It lies within Uganda and Tanzania and is bordered by Kenya. The equator runs through the northern part of the lake.

Lake Victoria is 26,600 square miles in size. It is the largest lake in Africa and the world's second largest freshwater lake. It is a shallow lake, with an average depth of 66 feet and a maximum depth of 276 feet.

Several rivers flow into the lake. Kagera River, on the western shore of the lake, is its largest influent. The Mara River, on the eastern shore, flows from Serengeti National Park. Most of the water in the lake, however, comes from precipitation. The White Nile, or "Victoria Nile," is the only river to flow out of the lake.

Lake Victoria was named for Queen Victoria.