What Are Some Facts About the La Luz Del Mundo Church?


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La Luz Del Mundo is an international church based in Guadalajara, Mexico that practices a form of restorationist Pentecostalism with some unique beliefs and practices. The church is the second largest in Mexico and has millions of adherents worldwide.

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La Luz Del Mundo is unique in that its founder and his named successors are considered to be Apostles of Jesus Christ. The founder of the church was Aarón Joaquín González, and his successors are Samuel Joaquín Flores and Naasón Joaquin García.

Some other unusual practices of the church are its requirement that women wear head coverings, long skirts and no makeup or jewelry during services, and its prohibition on the use of crosses or any images in services. Men and women are separated during services and sit on opposite sides of the place of worship. Members of the church also do not observe Christmas or the Holy Week.

La Luz Del Mundo views the Bible as the only legitimate source of Christian doctrine. The organization is a hierarchy, with the head naming his successor when he steps down. Pastors are beneath the head of the church, and deacons are below them. Encargados manage smaller groups within a congregation, and obreros are laborers who mainly assist the higher ranks with their missionary duties.

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