What Are Some Facts About Kings Wharf, Bermuda?


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King's Wharf is the original pier at the Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda and is the docking point for most cruise ships that visit the country. It is located in Sandy's Parish at the northwestern tip of Ireland Island and provides easy access to the other islands by taxi, bus or ferry.

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The Royal Navy Dockyard and King's Wharf pier were built by the British in 1812 after the country lost all its Atlantic ports following American independence. It served as the British Royal Navy's primary base in the Western Atlantic from the time of its construction until it was sold to the Bermuda government in 1958. Although it was sold in 1958, it continued to have limited use as a port to support British and NATO troops until 1995 when it was officially closed as a naval port and transformed into a cruise port.

Despite its isolated location, the area around King's Wharf has grown dramatically to meet the needs of cruise passengers and is now home to the National Arts Museum of Bermuda, the Bermuda Maritime Museum, the Bermuda Crafts Market, the Arts Centre and many other attractions. Although King's Wharf is the Royal Navy Dockyard's primary cruise ship berth, Heritage Wharf was built next to it in 2009 to allow two cruise ships to dock simultaneously.

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