What Kinds of Wildlife Are in Washington State?

Types of wildlife in Washington state include black bears, bald eagles, beavers and elks. Washington state is also home to bobcats, cougars, gray wolves and moose.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife oversees all wildlife in Washington state. Information about Washington wildlife is available on the department's website at Wdfw.wa.gov. The website provides details about wildlife observation areas, conservation programs and contact information for regional WDFW departments.

The Wildlife Viewing section of the website offers tips and resources on how to interact with wildlife. Viewing guides and maps, hiking information and species fact sheets are available. There are species fact sheets for all mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in Washington. The species fact sheets contain a description of each animal, typical behavioral patterns and how the animal interacts with humans. Contact information for dangerous wildlife and injured or orphaned wildlife is also posted on the website.

Wildlife viewing live cameras as also available on the WDFA's website. There are WildWatchcams available for bald eagles, owls, bats and harbor seals. While the cameras do not stream a continuous video, they do send a new image of the animal every ten seconds. Pre-recorded videos are posted on the same page as the WildWatchcams.