What Kinds of Sports Are Popular in Argentina?

Soccer, called association football by the Argentineans, is the most popular sport in Argentina for both viewing and playing. Other popular professional and recreational sports in Argentina include basketball, rugby, cricket, field hockey, cycling, handball, swimming and volleyball. Some sports, such as horse and car racing, polo, golf, sailing and skiing are popular in certain regions of the country.

Argentina boasts a number of popular sports due to the diversity of it population and the diverse geographical and climate zones of the terrain. In the plains, located in the heart of the country, flat land and a temperate climate create an ideal location for car and horse racing events. The region also features polo matches and golf courses, On the waterways, rowing is popular, and sailing and windsurfing events occur along the Atlantic coast. In the Andes, both downhill and cross-country skiing are popular.

Association football is an important part of Argentinean culture. It is played by people of all ages, both indoor and outdoor in all regions of the country. The Argentinean national team has won many awards during international play. Basketball and rugby are also popular recreational sports, and both national teams have performed well in international competitions. The national basketball team won the gold medal in the 2004 summer Olympic competition.