What Kinds of Real Estate Are Found in Lake Placid, Florida?


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Real estate in Lake Placid, Florida, includes homes for sale and apartments for rent, with much of the population renting property, notes Realtor.com. As of 2015, Lake Placid is experiences a competitive renter's market and a soft seller's market in real estate.

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Lake Placid is located in Highlands County in central Florida. It is known as the "Town of Murals" because more than 40 murals are painted throughout the town. Lake Placid is also known as the "The Caladium Capital of the World" due to 98 percent of the world receiving caladium bulbs from the town. The population is 2,223 based on the 2010 United States Census.

Due to the soft seller's market, there are more buyers interested in real estate in Lake Placid than available sellers. This may create a bidding war for homes, notes Realtor.com. There is low availability for rental property in the town, creating a high demand among renters.

Those interested in the most updated real estate available in Lake Placid can search a website, such as zillow.com. Enter the town's name or ZIP code into the search box to view a list of available homes for rent or purchase. The list can be filtered by factors such as price, real estate type and number of bedrooms.

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