What Kind of Government Does China Have?


According to the CIA World Factbook, China's government is a communist state. Organized into executive, legislative and judicial branches, China's government exists to carry out the policy goals of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese executive branch is split into two parts: the chief of state, called a president, and the head of government, called a premier. The latter is nominated by the president, while the former is selected by the National People's Congress. This body is indirectly elected by regional and local People's Congresses. The justices of the judicial branch are appointed by the National People's Congress, the chief justice of the Supreme People's Court or other government bodies.

The Chinese Communist Party is China's dominant power, exercising effective control over the government by approving all candidates for office and selecting the country's leadership. As a communist entity, the Chinese government steers the economy and owns much of the country's economic infrastructure.