What Kind of Food Do Bolivians Eat?

The traditional Bolivian fare consists of staple foods, such as corn, potatoes, beans and rice. The main meal for most Bolivians is lunch, known locally as "almuerzo."

Bolivians typically eat very little in the morning and drinking coffee or tea is sometimes enough to get them going. To make up for their small breakfast, Bolivians snack on saltenas, a small pastry similar to empanadas.

During lunch, the majority of Bolivian workers go home to eat. This particular meal usually comprises of soup, a meat dish and dessert. Potatoes and rice are commonly served as side dishes. While chicken and beef are a regular part of their diet, Bolivians are partial to pork dishes, even consuming more pork meat compared to Americans or Canadians.

Some foods found in various regions of Bolivia include chicharron, humitas, fritangas and lechon al horno. Chicha, tojori and singani are popular Bolivian beverages.