What Kind of Crops Are Grown in Asia?

Crops that grow in Asia include rice, wheat, barley and tropical fruits such as litchi and pineapple. Rice is the major crop for the majority of Asia, with the continent producing 90 percent of the rice used throughout the world. Vietnam, Pakistan and Thailand are among the largest exporters of rice in Asia.

The crops found in Asia are diverse due to the large size of the continent, with 11 farming systems identified in East Asia alone. The lowland rice farming system is found in flat lands with humid and moist subhumid climates and covers 12 percent of East Asia. Other crops commonly grown in East Asia include yam, sugarcane, sweet potato, cocoa and coconut. In Central Asia, wheat is the primary crop, especially in Kazakhstan and southern Siberia. Soybeans are grown in Japan and Northern China. Fruit is grown in tropical regions such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan, and citrus fruit such as lemons can be found cultivated in countries that lie along the Mediterranean Sea.

Asia is the world’s largest continent, making up approximately 29.5 percent of the land area of Earth. It is also the continent with the largest number of people with a population of more than 3.8 billion as of 2015.