What Kind of Animals Live in Italy?

kind-animals-live-italy Credit: Fernando Camino / Contributor/Cover/Getty Images

Carnivores living in Italy include the badger, Egyptian mongoose, brown bear, wild cat, European pine martin, Mediterranean monk seal and Beech marten. Whales in Italian waters include the false killer whale and Cuvier's beaked whale. Besides carnivores and aquatic animals, Italy is also home to the field vole, long-tailed field mouse, garden dormouse and crested porcupine.

One of the cattle breeds that is indigenous to Italy is the Chianina, which formerly was used for pulling wagons. Now the animal is bred for its meat. Bats that are found in the country include the northern bat, Natterer's bat, whiskered bat and greater mouse-eared bat.

The chamois is another animal found in Italy. It lives in the Apennines in the central part of the country. The goat-like animal resides in the mountain meadows during warmer times of the year and moves to lower ground during colder seasons. Both the male and female of the species exhibit slender black horns.

The brown hare is well-known in Italy too and is part of Europe's Easter tradition. The Easter hare's practice of leaving eggs for good children is a ritual that is attributed to the Romans, who believed all life was derived from the egg.