What Kind of Animals Live in Antarctica?

kind-animals-live-antarctica Credit: Franco Banfi/WaterFrame/Getty Images

No animals live permanently in Antarctica; animals that live in the sea around Antarctica include fish, krill, penguins and a variety of seals. Most of these animals live permanently in the water because the land is too harsh and the temperatures are too cold.

Antarctica is the coldest continent in the world. It has sparse vegetation that is not able to support a variety of animals. The vegetation that exists in the water is more conducive to animal life. Sea animals and marine mammals that live within the water around the continent have bodies that are able to adapt to the cold temperatures. The majority of the animals have adapted to the cold by having a biochemical antifreeze within their blood.

Some of the species that live around the water in Antarctica frequently move to the land in search of vegetation, but they do not stay on the land for a long period of time. Penguins and seals commonly go to the land of Antarctica to have babies, mate and search for food. Since there is not a variety of nutrition available to the animals on the land, they usually return to the water to search for plants and smaller animals to eat.