What Are Some Key Facts About Tourism in Montreal, Quebec?


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Some key facts about tourism in Montreal, Quebec, include that both French and English are spoken, that the best way to get around is using public transportation, and that this multicultural destination has an Underground City that is almost as extensive as the one above. Montreal is also two cities in one. Vieux-Montreal is the historic section, while new Montreal, a busy commercial and financial center, is right next door.

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In Canada, French and English are both official languages. In the Province of Quebec, French tends to take precedence, but in Montreal most people also speak English. On buildings and other signs around the city, almost everything is written in French, usually with English in smaller letters.

It's easy to get around Montreal using the STM, the city's metro train and bus system. The subway trains run right through downtown and give access to the Underground City. Some locals go from home to work, do their shopping, and even attend a hockey game without stepping foot on the street above. This is a plus in a place where bone-chilling winters are the norm.

Three metro stations are in Vieux Montreal, which connect to different bus routes. Some of the old cobblestone streets are pedestrian only, and people sometimes opt to ride bicycles. Horse-drawn carriages, called caleches, provide guided tours and are a good introduction to the old city.

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