What Is Kenya Famous For?

kenya-famous Credit: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Kenya's fame derives primarily from its variety of landscapes and climates, exotic wildlife and long-distance runners. Kenya's diverse topography includes towering mountains, sweeping savannas, woodlands, plains and deserts. These areas produce many different climates, which serve as tourist destinations, draw world-class photographers and support plant and animal life exclusive to Kenya.

Kenya contains iconic wildlife such as giraffes, zebras and gazelle. These animals live primarily in savannas and deserts. In addition to these few iconic species, Kenya's climates and habitats support the lives of over 100 types of mammals. This group includes a dozen primates and elephants. Thousands of birds reside in Kenya too, either part-time as seasonal migrants, or year-round. The coastal regions contain many colorful and exotic fish species, as well as different types of corals.

In addition to plants and various animals, many associate Kenya with extraordinary people. Many great long-distance runners, including Olympic gold medalists, derive from Kenya. Kenyan runners Wilson Kipsang and Dennis Kimetto crushed the competition at the 2013 Berlin Marathon. In addition to winning, Kipsang set a course record at Berlin. He finished in a time of 2 hours, 3 minutes and 23 seconds, which averages a 4:42 minute mile pace. Fellow countryman Kimetto set a new course record, also at Berlin, just several weeks later.