What Does Kenya Export?

kenya-export Credit: Nigel Pavitt/AWL Images/Getty Images

According to Economy Watch, Kenya's exports include agricultural products, petroleum, tea, coffee, fish and cement. Kenya's largest partner in exporting is the United Kingdom. Other partners include the U.S., Netherlands, Uganda, Tanzania and Pakistan. Produce and tea are the major exports in Kenya, with tea being the most exported item. Tea is responsible for approximately 21 percent of Kenya's exported goods. Pakistan is a major export market for Kenyan tea.

Kenya is known as a trade deficit country, meaning that they import more they export, due to negative factors such as weather and international prices. Economy Watch asserts that Kenya should diversify its trade to improve its balance of trade. Its current dependence on agriculture and tea only serves to limit the economy. Agricultural products, in addition to being major export items, employs the majority of the country and supplies raw materials for manufacturing, another important export. It also generates tax revenue, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Kenya's exporting industry has had many setbacks due to issues such as demand exceeding supply, deregulation and demand fluctuation. Although agriculture is crucial to Kenya's economy, only one-tenth of the country is currently used for agriculture as of 2014, due to the lack of water and other negative environmental factors. The Kenyan government is aware of these conditions and works to improve them.