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Kenya is a 224,960-square-mile country located in central East Africa. It borders the Indian Ocean on the east, Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan on the north, Uganda on the west and Tanzania on the south.

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Geographically, Kenya contains of seven regions, including plateaus, valleys, plains, highlands and hinterlands. The Coastal Region, containing a narrow plain and plateau, stretches along the ocean from Tanzania on Kenya's south border to Somalia on its north border. The Lamu Archipelago lies in the northern Coastal Region. The Tana Plains, a dry and somewhat hilly area, lie north of the Coastal Region and abut the Northern Plain-lands Region to the north. The Northern Plain-lands Region, a series of eroded arid planes and the Cahlbi Desert, forms Kenya's northern border along south Sudan and Ethiopia.

The Eastern Plateau sits just west of the Tana Plains and south of the Northern Plain-lands Region. This belt of plains rise from 1,000 to 3,000 feet above sea level east to the Kenyan Highlands. The Great Rift Valley, another geographical region, runs from north to south through the highlands in south-central Kenya. The Western Plateau Region stretches along Uganda on the west border down to Tanzania.

Kenya has a few important waterways, such as the Tana River that originates in the highlands and runs southeast through the Tana Plains and Coastal Region to the Indian River. Lake Turkana lies in northern Kenya along the Northern Plain-lands Region.

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