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Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa at the equator. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the east border, Somalia and Ethiopia on the north border, South Sudan and Uganda on the west border and Tanzania on the south border.

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Kenya is made up of several geographic regions. The first region, the coastal plain, is the lowest part of the country. The land gradually rises toward the west, which contains many plateaus, the great Rift Valley and Mount Kenya. The northern area of Kenya is made up of savannahs. Kenya has a climate made up of wet and dry seasons, although rainfall is only predictable in certain parts of the country. The coastal zone has hot and humid weather.

As of 2012, Kenya's population reached nearly 43 million people spread over 225,000 square miles. The major languages are Swahili and English. Christianity is the major religion. Kenya was under British control for years, but it gained independence in 1963. The country was ruled by a single political party for more than 20 years until public unrest led to a multiple party platform. As of 2014, some of the major exports of Kenya include petroleum, tea and coffee.

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