How Do You Join the Carnival VIFP Club?

How Do You Join the Carnival VIFP Club?

To join the Carnival VIFP Club, visit the cruise line's website, and provide the requested information. The club allows everyone to join, whether the person has experienced cruising in the past or not. This club allows a person to enjoy benefits, including exclusive fares, specials and other exciting things.

Start by selecting the red Join button on the top of the VIFP Club page of the company website. Provide basic information such as a name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email address. Select a password to access the club information any time. Provide answers to a couple of simple questions.

If future special promotions by email are undesirable, remove the check from the box asking for permission. After reading the terms and conditions of joining the club, click to accept them. Once everything is complete, click the Join button again.

After logging into the new account, there are a variety of options to update the account. It is possible to change any information, from phone numbers to contact email and physical addresses. From this account, the option exists to add the information for your most common traveling companions, which makes booking cabins and trips easier in the future.

Other information available includes the most current specials, booked cruises and benefits available as part of the program. There are options to claim credit for past cruises taken and to learn more about the program.