What Is the Jakota Triangle?

The Jakota Triangle is an area in East Asia that consists of the countries of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The name "Jakota" is taken from the first two letters of each country's name. The countries have joined together and agreed to support each other in the world's economic market.

The Jakota Triangle can be characterized by its high level of scientific research and technology productions. The region has several large cities, including Seoul, Taipei, Osaka, Kaohsiung and Tokyo. The Jakota Triangle is an area of rapid development, with a high consumption of raw materials. The region plays a large role in global commerce and is a major exporter of goods. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is one of the world's primary technical centers. South Korea's capital of Seoul is also a leading center for technology. Tokyo, Japan's capital, is considered to have the largest economy of the world, as of 2015.

The three countries are part of larger region known as East Asia. Five other countries and territories are considered part of this region: China, North Korea, Mongolia, Macau and Hong Kong. This region has been heavily influenced by Chinese culture. Major cities in East Asia include Beijing and Shanghai in China, Pyongyang in North Korea and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.