What Items Are Restricted When Traveling From the United States to Cuba?


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When traveling to Cuba, travelers may bring any items defined as personal belongings, such as phones, computers, cameras, garments and jewelry for personal use, according to the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba. The import of items for trade is strictly regulated and requires prior authorization from the State.

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Alcohol, tobacco and medicines may be brought across the border in restricted quantities. No more than 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 500 grams of tobacco per person may be brought across the border into Cuba. No more than 2,500 cubic centimeters in alcoholic beverages and only necessary quantities of medicines relevant to a prescription are allowed. Travelers may also bring devices that measure blood pressure or glucose or that perform similar medical tests. Medicines must be packaged in original containers and remain separate from other items.

Other items that are allowed include household items for personal use, such as appliances, cutlery and glassware. Household items are considered to be for personal domestic use and not for resale. Camping and sports equipment are allowed, as well as electronics including phones, games, tablets and music devices. Video cameras and devices for recording sound are allowed. Although personal phones that have GPS functionality are allowed, GPS devices and satellite phones are prohibited without a permit.

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