What Are Some Items Restricted by Airlines?


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As of 2015, items restricted by airlines include spare batteries, disabling or defensive devices, paint, cigarette lighters and fireworks. Some articles are not restricted from flights but require advance approval, such as dry ice, camping stoves, oxygen containers, portable medical electronic devices and life jackets.

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Most airlines allow passengers to include firearms and ammunition in their checked baggage, but there are clear rules and regulations for packing these items for a flight. Many airlines require passengers to notify the airline in advance before packing a firearm, since they might need to arrive early at the airport to process any relevant paperwork.

Banned items vary by airline carrier. For instance, British Airways bans heat-producing items from carry-on and checked baggage, such as diving lamps and soldering irons, while Delta Airlines allows them as part of carry-on baggage. Lithium batteries are allowed in baggage by Delta but not British Airways.

Dry ice requires prior approval to fly in checked bags on British Airways. On American Airlines, however, a traveler does not need prior approval for dry ice weighing fewer than 5.5 pounds. All airlines recommend its passengers to contact the company if traveling with questionable items to ensure the check-in process runs smoothly.

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