What Does Italy Import?

Italy's top imports, in order, are crude oil, petroleum, cars, packaged medical supplies and refined oil. Italy also imports food, beverages, machinery, minerals, medals, textiles and tobacco.

Crude oil accounts for about 11 percent of all of Italy's imports. The country imports more than 53 billion dollars of it each year. Petroleum imports account for another 30 billion dollars. The top countries from which Italy imports items are Germany, France, China, the Netherlands and Russia. Germany accounts for about 14 percent of that import trade as well as almost 11 percent of Italy's export trade. Most of Italy's imports and exports are industrial. Cars and oil account for a large percentage of Italy's trade. The terrain of Italy makes it very difficult to retrieve and export many natural resources.

Italy's top exports include refined oil, cars, car parts, pre-packaged medical supplies and gold. It exports primarily to Germany, France, Switzerland, England and the United States. The United States purchases about 35 billion dollars' worth of goods from Italy each year. Italy's economy degraded tremendously during the worldwide recession that began in 2008, however, which had a lasting negative impact on its trading power. The country is still the top exporter of leather, and steel and iron piping, among other things.