What Does Israel Export?

Israel exports a variety of products, including cut diamonds, precious metals, pearls, mechanical and electrical machinery, computer equipment, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer and consumer electronic goods, such as audio and video components. Economists credit the 1990s immigration of skilled engineers, scientists and technicians from the former Soviet Union for an export increase.

Beginning in 2008, Israel exported more than half of its annual $58 billion industrial plant output. Nearly 80 percent of its high-tech products are exported, while roughly 40 percent of "low-tech" goods manufactured in the country are exported.

Israel's diamond industry took a major hit during the global recession of 2007 through 2009, but rebounded beginning in 2010 when demand picked back up. That year its diamond exports totaled $9.4 billion, matching the country's pre-recession diamond export revenues. The majority of the nation's diamonds are exported to the United States and Hong Kong. In general, the United States and Hong Kong are Israel's biggest export customers, with the United Kingdom, Belgium, China and India following.

While it does export some agricultural products, most notably poultry and dairy products, Israel tends to consume most of the food it grows or raises each year. The exception to that rule is during the winter months, when the country supplies much of Europe with fresh fruit and vegetables.