What Are Some of the Islands Off the Coast of South Carolina?

Some of the coastal islands in South Carolina include Daufuskie Island, Edisto Island and Hilton Head Island. These sea islands form part of a chain of barrier islands that dot the eastern coast of South Carolina.

South Carolina's sea islands are believed to have separated from the mainland during the Ice Age. In modern times, some of these coastal islands have been commercialized, with world-renowned vacation spots and sprawling beach resorts that boost the state's tourist industry.

Daufuskie Island is one of the least developed sea islands, although some areas have been converted into private gated communities. The majority of the locals in the island trace their ancestry back to the liberated slaves of the colonial era. Edisto Island, which derived its name from a Native American tribe that once inhabited the island, is known for its historical and imposing plantation manors, seaside houses built on stilts and primeval oak woodlands.

Hilton Head Island is perhaps the most celebrated among all of the sea islands, earning an excellent reputation as one of the best resort communities in the U.S. It caters to millions of tourists on an annual basis who revel in the island's pristine beaches and first-rate golf and tennis experience. Other sea islands in South Carolina include Hutchinson Island, Kiawah Island, Hunting Island and St. Helena Island.